Positively Charged

Positively Charged

The situation

The client, Nutriculture UK Ltd. were keen to improve the presence of their Rhino filter brand across a number of UK stores with a bespoke point of sale display.

The process

Benchmark consulted with the Brand Manager for Rhino to understand their particular needs and goals for the point of sale displays, as well as the quantity they would be looking to install.
From that point a plan was agreed and prototypes were drawn up by our highly trained staff using the latest in CAD design applications.

After drawing up a number of potential solutions a piece was chosen by the Brand Manager, who asked that 5 be put into production.

The result

Rhino point of sale displays are now being installed throughout the country, with retailers delighted at the clear impact the pieces have had, not only in terms of attention from customers, but the positive impact they have had on sales.

The impact was such that retailers who weren’t on the list to receive them have been quoted as saying ‘they’ll pay whatever it takes to get one’.  A particularly pleasing result for the rhino brand manager.

If you are looking at developing bespoke point of sale materials for your brand, perhaps we can help.

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