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Daily Archives: April 23, 2014

Designers & Inventors | News

Designers & Inventors

Calling all Designers and Inventors

Benchmark are keen to work with designers and inventors who may have a product which can be vacuum formed. We are currently working with two parties who are looking to take a product to the marketplace so if you feel we can help please call us now to discuss your ideas.

Designers & Inventors | News

Benchmark Plastics always looking to the future

Looking to the Future

Benchmark are always looking to improve on our manufacturing process. A key part of this is the finishing of a product which can be cutting, trimming or providing securing points by drilling. With this in mind we are now investigating plastic fabrication techniques such as line bending extruded sheet and sonic welding.

Line bending is a process that heats the extruded sheet plastic and literally bends it to the desired shape and profile. While sonic welding is and advanced technique which bonds two pieces of plastic together providing a strong joint and seal.