Benchmark keeps Paul Matty Cars motoring

Benchmark keeps Paul Matty Cars motoring

Benchmark Keeps Paul Matty Cars Motoring


Benchmark were recently contracted to provide a bespoke plastic solution for Paul Matty Cars, a company whose business (and passion) is the restoration of classical high-performance vehicles.

The midlands-based firm contacted Benchmark with a requirement for a specific component that their previous supplier was no longer able to offer to an acceptable standard or a cost-effective manner.
As they had projects that required this component to complete orders which were to be distributed around the globe, they turned to Benchmark, who were happy to take on the challenge.  

Benchmark worked with the customer to create a mould to accommodate the exact standards needed for the model of vehicle they’d be used on. They then vacuum formed the product from their dedicated facility in Lancashire.
But, as these moulds were original from the 60s, this project was not without its challenges.
Benchmark’s skilled team worked to resolve the issues around getting the form correct.
Ultimately, Benchmark were able to provide a solution that made the plastic lighter and less resistant to cracking, which Paul Matty and their customers were thrilled with.

The manufactured component is used in multiple classic Lotus cars mainly 50’s 60’s 70’s and 80’s models were sent to Asia for to be used. Paul Matty also sends parts to the USA, especially Florida, Japan and mainland Europe. So, Benchmark’s solution will be used around the globe.

People send their Lotus cars to Paul Matty with the brief, bring them back to life, sometimes the vehicles spend months with them, such is their dedication to precision.
As a result, a sub-standard plastic component would not be suitable, and it was this dedication to craft and excellence that Benchmark kept at the top of mind when carrying out work for Paul Matty Cars.

This was a challenging project, but one that to a solution that worked for the customer in a timely and cost-effective manner.

If you have a project that requires a component manufacturing from plastic or metal, put Benchmark to the test.

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